Hunting trophies

You have been on a hunt, and now?

You have had your hunting trophies skinned, treated, and shipped to the Netherlands. Together with you, we discuss your preferences and the possibilities, ensuring that you receive a result to be proud of. Naturally, you want to continue admiring these trophies for the rest of your life.

Experience in various (hunting) locations around the world ensures the lifelike nature of Alexander’s taxidermy creations. Thanks to this experience, we can also provide advice on skinning, on-site treatments, and shipping to the Netherlands.

There is a wide range of possibilities and variations available.

Mounted in its entirety

It is truly beautiful to fully prepare an animal. An unlimited number of different poses are possible. Walking, sitting, standing, or sneaking – these are just a few examples.

Choose for a unique appearance

Fully mounting an animal is indeed beautiful, but it can also take up a significant amount of space. In such cases, a wall mount can be a suitable alternative. There are three options available: the traditional wall mount, an offset wall mount (angled), or a standing wall mount on the floor or table (pedestal). Additionally, it is also possible to clean the trophy and mount it on a shelf.

Having an animal look straight ahead is aesthetically pleasing, but it can sometimes appear sterile. It may give the impression that it lacks a sense of “life” and can become monotonous over time. Adding a simple twist, looking to the left or right, instantly adds more dynamic and strength to the animal’s appearance.

Tanning only the hide

You can also choose to have only the hide tanned. In this case, you bring in an animal, and Alexander will transform it into a beautiful, soft hide. This can be done for various animals such as foxes, roe deer, snowshoe hares, and more. This way, you will have a lovely fur to hang on the wall or lay on the couch.

Please note: We do not tan cowhides.

How to skin

The skinning process is best carried out following the images below.

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