Welcome to Alexander Bisseling, animal taxidermist.

With over 25 years of experience, Alexander Bisseling is now considered one of the best taxidermists in the Netherlands. He specializes in the preparation of animals and everything related, from skinning to the final result. This results in beautifully and lifelike mounted animals, prepared in the desired poses on the desired pedestals.

He gladly takes on challenges. Alexander and his team provide plants that are found in the natural habitat of the respective animal species. They also incorporate water, mud, or unique poses into the preparations. With these elements, he designs your own custom specimen. His work now adorns homes and businesses all around the world, from Canada to Taiwan and from Norway to South Africa.

With over 25 years of experience

Alexander had a passion for nature from a young age. He would go searching for rocks and fossils in the area with his grandfather. His exposure to taxidermy came during family vacations in Austria.

When he was around 11 years old, he received rabbit hides from a butcher which he started to “tan.” However, he didn’t progress much beyond drying them. Many of his early experiments failed until he entered high school and his chemistry teacher provided him with books on tanning. This laid the foundation for his passion.

After learning tanning techniques, Alexander moved on to the art of taxidermy. At the age of 14, he found a sparrow that he attempted to mount: “Of course, I had no experience whatsoever, and the result wasn’t great.” He continued to practice, practice, and practice some more. He met other taxidermists who helped him along the way. The first bird with an acceptable result was a magpie, which still stands in a glass display case in his shop.

From October 4, 1997, Alexander started working as an independent professional in the field of taxidermy.

His hobby started taking on more serious forms. Therefore, in 1997, Alexander decided to turn it into his profession. He needed to choose a name to work under. Alexander wanted his name to be included, as well as a reference to animals and his passion for stones. This led to the name “Alexanders Animals and Stones,” which was abbreviated as A.A.& S.

Choosing the official start date was not difficult: “Due to my passion for nature, especially animals, World Animal Day was the perfect date for me.” And so, on October 4, 1997, A.A.& S. officially began its journey!

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